1. Family name: Hofmann (Prof. Dr.)

2. First names: Harald

3. Nationality: German

4. Civil status: Married

5. Education:




Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University of Bonn and Munich, Germany


First State Law Examination



University of Bonn,


Doctor of Law

Traineeship for Public



Second State Examination

(Law and Higher Administration)


University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration in North-Rhine-Westphalia,

1991 - present

Professor of Law, Administration and Local Self-Government




6. Key qualifications:


  • Long-standing experience in the management of projects and university courses within the public sector

  • Extensive practical experience in public administration management as well as academic experience covering teaching and research

  • Development and leading of projects and workshops on democratization and administrative-reform in Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia) Volgograd (Russia) and Beijing and Shanghai (China)

  • Organizing and implementation of workshops and courses for staff and students of the Russian “Volgograd Academy of Administration” in Cologne and in Volgograd (within the city-partnership Volgograd-Cologne) and the Chinese “Beijing Administrative College” in Cologne, Beijing and Shanghai (within the city-partnership Beijing-Cologne)

  • Conduction of conferences for management-staff officials of Macedonia (EU-Program „Strengthening Local Government - Program to promote Minority Rights and Inter-ethnic Cooperation in the Countries of former Yugoslavia“)

  • Organizing and implementation of workshops, courses and information tours in Germany for management-staff-officials and administration-officials of Chinese towns and Chinese regions.

  • Member of the “Research-group Online Participation” 

  • https://www.hspv.nrw.de/forschung/forschungsgruppen/polpa/uebersicht


7. Present position:


Professor of Law + Administration + Local Self-Government

at the

University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany



8. Years within the firm: 32


9. Other relevant information:


1. (Founding Author and Co-) Author of :


  1. Administration and Law”, (Hofmann/Hildebrandt/Gunia/Zeissler), 12-th edition, 439pages   https://shop.kohlhammer.de/allgemeines-verwaltungsrecht-2258.html#147=23


  1. Municipal and local Self-government”, (Hofmann/Bätge/Wiesner), 20-th edition, 718 pages  https://www.ksv-medien.de/Kommunalrecht-in-Nordrhein-Westfalen/00660000

- both partly translated into Czech, Russian and Chinese language;

2. Research-Project on citizens-participation based on the municipal-code (supported by the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia); Report 3-rd edition;

3. Four times Advisor to the Parliament of the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia, concerning the reform of the municipal law;

4. Numerous Publications in periodicals of legal science (essentially about public administration, law and local Self-government);

5. Second Research-Project on local Self-Government and Public Referenda (supported by the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia), published in periodicals of legal science;

6. joint Chinese-German research project (with the Beijing Administrative College) about administration. (published in Beijing, see above in "Books").







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